East-West Seed Indonesia (EWINDO), IPB, ITC, Akvo

SMARTSeeds offers an information service to over 40.000 vegetable farmers in Indonesia. Through the Sipindo smartphone app farmers receive agricultural advice on how to improve crop production. Improved crop production contributes to food security, as well as the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Our advisory services to vegetable farmers include crop planning recommendations, irrigation and fertilizer advice and market information. The underlying technology of the information service is the Lizard platform. Various data sources are integrated into the platform. These range from satellite data, weather and climate forecasts to soil nutrient maps and field data. With the use of the developed Sipindo application, smallholder farmers are able to increase the quality and quantity of their yield.

The challenge

Real-time and location specific information can greatly help vegetable farmers in their daily practices. Accurate information on water, soil and weather allows more efficient crop management, such as fertilization, irrigation and diseases management. New technologies make it possible to use geodata and satellite information to power easy to use smartphone apps. In SMARTseeds, we solved this challenge by powering the Sipindo app of our client EWINDO’s, with information services developed in our Lizard platform. By using the same technology for business intelligence, business models were created to enable long-term sustainability of the services.

Our solution

We deliver the main technology that enables the delivery of specific advice to farmers. We integrate the collected data from our consortium partners in the Lizard data warehouse and analytics platform. In here, the data is combined, processed and presented. The data includes

  • Satellite-based vegetable maps
  • Soil suitability
  • Nutrient requirements per crop
  • Weather predictions
  • Climate conditions
  • Soil moisture data

Additionally, the Sipindo app provides Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to optimize crop cultivation and identify pests and diseases. We make sure that the advice is present and connected to the Spindo application through which it is delivered to the farmer. It includes time and location-specific recommendations on crop planning, irrigation and fertilizer advise and market information. This information service helps the farmers to successfully practice their agriculture.

The outcome

As of early 2020, already 40,000 farmers get access to our advises through the Sipindo app. This app is maintained by EWINDO to ensure sustainability of the service. This way, we contribute to increase the quality and quantity of farmer’s vegetables on the long term.

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