Cities worldwide must adapt to the challenges of increasing temperatures, sea-level rise, and extreme weather events. Our Climate Resilient Cities branch helps accelerate cities towards resilient infrastructure and systems, by offering tools, insight and advice regarding climate adaptation.


Climate change affects cities worldwide. Rising temperatures, sea-level rise, and more frequent and intense precipitation and drought events pose threats to urban infrastructure, public health, and social well-being. Cities are implementing policies to improve resilience and safeguard the safety and well-being of their residents.

The development of climate and flood risk policies and the implementation of such policies presents a complex and multifaceted challenge that requires combined efforts from policymakers, local experts, and decision-makers. There is a pressing need to:

  • translate climate change projections to local climate impact;
  • gain an understanding of the effects of potential solutions, and subsequently communicate these solutions;
  • and device strategies to effectively allocate the mostly limited financial resources and urban space.

Our services

Nelen & Schuurmans accelerates the transition towards healthy, safe, and resilient urban environments. To bridge the gap between policy and action, we offer an integrated approach that combines data-driven water management and information technology services.

Our integrated approach combined with academic knowledge, allows us to assist local experts and decision-makers in understanding the risks and opportunities related to climate change and flooding.

Next to our approach we offer an extensive toolset. Equiping governmental organizations, NGO’s, and businesses with essential tools and insights, helps make well-informed decisions that enhance urban environments’ resilience and sustainability. This entails:

Our services

Climate adaptive design assessments

We provide IT solutions to quantify the effects of climate adaptive infrastructure and improve for more effective designs.

Sewer policy planning

We assist in the development of feasable climate resilience policies, we provide decision makers with better insights and best practices regarding improvements and maintenance of their water and sewer systems. Next to this, we asses the efficiency and impact of solutions to improve resource allocation.

Stress testing

Nelen & Schuurmans translates future climate projections to tangible climate effects. We develop localised scenarios and models to help understand how climate events affect the local situation. Our stresstesting encompasses stormwater, flood, heat and drought stress.

Optimalisation of urban drainage

Using data-driven methods, we optimilse sewer system and urban drainage design. Creating insights in vulnerabilities, combined sewer overflows, and offering solutions to alleviate climate stress.


3Di surface runoff modelling for Antwerp

The city of Antwerp is committed to making the city more resilient to climate change induced weather extremes. Nelen & Schuurmans supports Antwerp by using the 3Di hydrodynamic modeling instrumentation to

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Flash Flood Forecasting Parramatta, Sydney

The City of Parramatta frequently copes with flash floods caused by heavy downpours in the hilly catchment of the Parramatta River. Nelen & Schuurmans, together with Royal Haskoning, created a flood early warning system based on forecasted rainfall and 3Di hydrodynamic modelling.

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Khulna as a Water Inclusive Enclave

In a multidisciplinary team, Nelen & Schuurmas worked on possible solutions for Khulna. The main task of Nelen & Schuurmans was providing the team with information on the hydrological situation in the city. In the 3Di modelling software, we created a digital version of the city to simulate the effects of interventions on pluvial and riverine flooding.

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