We combine IT with water domain knowledge to create IT solutions that contribute to a healthy, safe and resilient living environment

Our vision

Around the globe, we see an increasing need for data-informed decision making. Vast amounts of data need to be put to practical use to take on the world’s pressing climate, environmental, economic and humanitarian challenges. We believe that real-time information services and modelling software are key in putting data into practice and action.

Our IT solutions


Datawarehouse & analytics platform. Lizard empowers digital geo services that close the gap between your data and decision makers. Store and accelerate big time series, raster and vector data-sets. Gain actionable insights with GeoBlocks or use your favorite data science tools and API’s. Present your insights through online portals and dashboards or build your own application with Lizard as back-end.


3Di Water Management

Hydrodynamic Simulation Software. 3Di takes an integral approach of the water system. Model 1D, 2D en groundwater flow. Interact with your simulations using the livesite or connect to the calculation core using the 3Di API.



Private: Driver+ 3Di for Crisis Management

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Flash Flood Forecasting Parramatta, Sydney

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Sat4Rice – Geo Information Service for Vietnamese Rice Farmers

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