Knowledge and Research is part of the identity of Nelen & Schuurmans. The principal characteristic of the services we develop and offer, is to provide creative solutions for complex problems in the water-domain. We have a complete understanding of multifaceted systems due to our cutting edge-knowledge and expertise in physical processes, computational domain, data science and modelling applications.

The defined knowledge themes respond to the needs currently faced by our society in its efforts to improve the citizens’ quality of life and achieve a balance with the environment.  Moreover, they are aligned with our company vision of contributing to a healthy, safe and sustainable living environment in a changing climate.

Our services

Data for Water and Climate

Data for Water and Climate is about a data-driven approach to build and maintain a waterproof and climate-resilient environment. Data-driven approach in the sense that decisions are based upon the best available data, information, knowledge and insights.

Our ambitions within this theme are:

  • Increase insights into water systems by using the best available data and state-of-the-art monitoring techniques, data analytics techniques and data visualisation techniques.
  • Enable the digital transformation by developing state-of-the-art data algorithms and user-friendly tools for water managers and their stakeholders.
  • Have a leading role in the digital transformation of Dutch water managers.

Water in Motion

Water in motion is about understanding how water flows, computing how water flows & how it interacts with the environment.

Our ambitions within this theme are:

  • To understand water systems and diagnose crucial elements, risk in such a system.
  • To develop state-of-the-art tools for fast accurate computations for water and sediment including intuitive tools to support consulting.
  • Using these to become a knowledge company to support governments worldwide.

Water in the Environment

Water in the environment covers all of the aspects related to the presence and/or absence of water. Furthermore, it also refers to the effects water has on hazards such as flood, heat stress, biodiversity and ecology.

Our ambitions within this theme are:

  • To know which processes need to be incorporated, analyzed and simulated for every considered issue within the water in the environment theme.
  • To have the state of the art tools to support the planning and monitoring of water in the environment.
  • Be part of the team of experts working in the co-creation of solutions at the national and international level.


Soil Subsidence Information Service

The subsidence of the Dutch land could result in social costs of up to 25 billion euros, but there was still a lot of information missing. BODIS provides high-quality information and knowledge which assists policymakers, hydrologists, and other specialists in making targeted choices regarding land subsidence.

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Rapid Assessment Tool Urban Heat Island Effect

In order to quickly assess the effects of spatial planning in cities on the heat stress experienced by its civilians, Paul Koot investigates the use of Non-Parametric Bayesian Networks, in collaboration with TU Delft. This novel statistical model can help to obtain a rapid assessment tool to quantify the spatial influence of surfaces on temperature, taking into consideration the uncertainty of all variables involved. In this way a first estimate of the impact of mitigation measures could be made more easily and more quickly.

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ESA – Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD)

The Earth Observation for Sustainable Development (EO4SD), launced by ESA, is an initiative to foster the use of satellite-based environmental information in projects, programmes and activities of the Multilateral Development Banks and their client states. It concentrates on nine thematic areas: agriculture and rural development, water resources management, urban development, climate resilience, disaster risk reduction, marine resources, fragility, conflict and security and Eastern European region. In this project Nelen & Schuurmans task has been to integrate data and make it easily available for all stakeholders.

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