Our ambition is to contribute to future-proof and sustainable integrated water management. By assisting in making smart choices today, we ensure that water managers are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

At Nelen and Schuurmans we look at things a little differently when it comes to water. Using a systems-thinking and innovation approach for complex issues, we combine the principles of Integrated Water Management and meet it with the digital age of analytics. We love crunching data, be it geospatial, temporal, remotely sensed, modeled, measured, from a farm, a phone or an existing database to create tailored solutions. This allows us the flexibility to address some of the most challenging and interconnected water issues, related to climate change, new policy and regulations, in the digital transformation era, using the best available data and methods.

Due to the effects of climate change for example, the incidence and magnitude of water-related issues, such as flooding, drought and the availability of fresh and clean water, increases. At the same time cities expand and are often densely populated, have a high economic value, and come with their own infrastructural and urban challenges. Therefore, coming up with a flood management system must consider all of these dynamic elements. Where and how do you prioritize your flood defenses, what kind of real-time monitoring is necessary? Finding answers to these type of questions is our day-to-day job.

The business unit, Integrated Water Management, enables a variety of clients, be it governmental organizations, NGOs or the private sector to gain insights into water systems. We communicate this information through interactive models and tools, information services, concise reports, ArcGIS storymaps, graphs, infographics, dashboards, in an understandable way. We are a reliable partner for water boards, provinces and other water managers. With broad international knowledge, best-in-class technology and experience partnering with public and private parties.

Water Management is Information Management 
With the challenging world around us, we want to make a difference in our daily work. Together with our core water knowledge, in the IT domain and our experience in the field, our consultants give the best advice regarding water-related issues. Challenges on different scales from the national, catchment to the street level, and on different geographical typologies. Coping with water-related challenges and finding solutions starts with gaining the best insights. Using the latest science-based knowledge, IT developments and increasing availability of data, these insights are getting better and better. For water management this is good news, because: Water management is Information management.


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