Data science and related topics and techniques are part of our everyday lives now. Data science has, long before we called it data science, been part of Nelen & Schuurmans’ DNA. We have many years of experience in the field of information analysis, statistics and data exploration. Our data science solutions and projects mostly focus on water system optimisations, asset- and energy management. Mostly through combining different work fields and data sources we can find valuable insights.

Our team operates cross-functional and combines multiple disciplines. All our team members have a passion for data science, scripting and solving difficult problems. To solve your challenges have the following experts:

  • Information Analysts – domain knowledge on data and processes.
  • Data Analysts and Statistical experts – knowledge on which methods can be applied.
  • Solutions Architects – knowledge on how to turn methodology into a practical solution.
  • Data engineers – developing a data pipeline for operationalizing the solution.
  • Data visualisation experts – knowledge on how to process data to actionable information.

The lean-business case

Step 1

Hypothesis, goal and audience

Step 2

Scope and list of requirements

Step 3

Research on data and research methods

Step 4

Writing the lean business case

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