Sat4Rice – Geo Information Service for Vietnamese Rice Farmers

Loc Troi Group
VinaNed (Netherlands), Can Tho University (Vietnam), Loc Troi Group (Vietnam), Ministry and Department of Agriculture (MARD/DARD, Vietnam) and SarVision (Netherlands)
Mekong Delta, Vietnam

In the Sat4Rice project we assist smallholder farmers in producing rice more efficiently and in a more sustainable manner. We developed a geo-information service that combines satellite data, geodata and fielddata that enables farmers to take better decisions and Loc Troi Group more advanced monitoring and resource planning.

The challenge

The Mekong delta in Vietnam plays a crucial role in the world’s food supply. Despite this important role rice farmers and corporations have limited access to up-to-date time information on rice growth.

Our solution

With the Sat4Rice service farmers and farm workers and rice buyers get access to information to enhance rice production. This service has been set-up using satellite data, geodata and field data gathered by farmers. We have combined the data and made it accessible with a front-end. We ensure users have access to the most recent information about their field and circumstances that impact rice growth.

Apart from the use of the application in the field, other stakeholders within the supply chain benefit from more accurate information. They receive updates every six days on growth stages of rice. This allows companies such as Loc Troi Group to use optimize a lot of processes and use resources more efficiently.

“Information technology is one of the cornerstones for improving sustainable rice production in Vietnam. By pioneering in developments like Sat4Rice, Loc Troi Group is taking a leading role in this.”

Chairman of Loc Troi Group, Mr. Huynh Van Thon

The outcome

With the successful development of the Sat4Rice in Vietnam we have created a scalable digital service. By using the Lizard geodata platform it’s possible to provide access to similar services for farmers and corporations in other areas.

All cases

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