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The SpiceUp-project provides geo-information to support 100.000 Indonesian pepper farmers. They use the information to improve the quality and increase the quantity of crops. In turn this leads to a better income security, food security and optimizes the use of water, fertilizer and pesticides.


The challenge

The challenge lies in providing reliable and sustainable information services. Indonesian pepper farmers need accurate information on the weather forecast, availability of water and the risk of pests and diseases. Within this project we need to show the added value of the information service. On top of that, we need to promote the application and develop a business model to sustain the project long-term.

Our solution

Our SpiceUp-consortium partners collect data on the weather, soil moisture, soil nutrients, plant pests and diseases and traceability. Various methods are used to collect this data, including acquisition of ultra-modern satellite images and traditional soil sampling. The gathered data is integrated and analyzed in our geodata platform Lizard in which the various information services are compiled.

The SpiceUp smartphone application is developed to offer information to the farmer. Each farmer gets a custom-made consult based varying information in location and time. The consult includes general tasks, warnings (such as alerts for water stress) and possible measures to take.

Next to the information to farmers, we offer dashboarding solutions to other parties like suppliers  and financial institutions. This business intelligence is based on both satellite data and information from farmers.

“We are proud to support farmers in becoming entrepreneurs.” – Marianne van Keep (Director of Sustainability)

The outcome

We bring all the relevant data together in the Lizard platform. This is used to hand out executable advice to answer the following questions;

  • Under what conditions has my pepper been grown?
  • What is the probability that the farmer will be able to pay off the microcredit financing?
  • What is the local and regional demand for fertilizers?
  • What is the suitability of a plot to grow pepper?
  • At what locations are irrigation or drainage frequently advised?
  • Which pepper farmers can improve their protection against pests and diseases?

For more information please visit the SpiceUp project website.

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